Download the best ebook torrent on Google Reader app

Download the Google Reader App, available in more than 300 countries, for iOS and Android.

The app allows users to access more than 1,000 ebooks for offline reading and to download up to 10GB of data for offline viewing, according to Google.

“The best ebooks are available at the best prices, and it’s easy to find them,” Google Reader’s creator, Kevin Baskin, told TechCrunch.

“You can search for any ebook and find it right away.”

Baskins, a product manager at Google Reader, said the app was designed with offline reading in mind.

“This means that you can pick up your favourite book and read it on the go while you’re away,” he said.

Baskens said he had no problem using the app when he had an iPad but that the app would have helped if it had been available for iOS.

“I’d love to see this app available on Android, too,” he added.

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