Ebook store is struggling to compete with the Google Play store

Google has announced that it is laying off more than a third of its digital ebook store staff in Canada. 

The move comes amid growing competition in the ebooks market from Amazon and Apple. 

Google, which is based in Mountain View, California, said in a blog post that it will “focus our efforts on improving the overall efficiency of our ebooks and publishing processes in Canada.” 

“The ebooks store we are building will deliver the best experience possible for Canadians and will be a better place to discover and purchase books from publishers around the world,” Google wrote. 

Canadian ebook retailers have been in the spotlight recently as retailers in Canada are being forced to offer lower prices and cut their prices on certain books due to higher book prices. 

“Canada has one of the most competitive markets in the world for ebook publishing,” Google said.

“We believe that we can be better than that.” 

Google’s decision comes as the online retailer also announced it would shut down the iBookstore, its online book retailer, in the US and Canada.

The iBookshop was shut down earlier this year in the UK.