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NHL players will no longer be paid for bookings at games and events as a result of a new agreement with the NHL Players’ Association.

The NHLPA is also in talks with other players’ unions about making similar arrangements for events and tournaments.

“As part of the NHLPA-NHL Players’ Bargaining Agreement, which we recently ratified, we agreed that players and their families are the exclusive patrons of the games, events and/or contests at which they play, and that they are the sole patrons of those games, which include, but are not limited to, arenas, arenas and arenas-hosted games,” the NHL said in a statement.

“This agreement does not change the fact that any NHL player may use his name or likeness for promotional purposes, or that a player may participate in a game at the venue or event, or participate in any other activity at the arena or event.

The NHLPA has been in negotiations with other leagues and players’ associations about these issues for some time, and we remain committed to these discussions.”

Players’ association President Donald Fehr acknowledged the NHL’s move, but said the league has always maintained that players should have to pay for any tickets purchased.

“The players want to know what happens to them,” Fehr said.

“And so I would just say the players want a fair playing field and that everyone who plays should have equal access to the games and the events and the games should be free.

But that is not the case here.”

A new agreement will also be in place for the 2015-16 season.