How to read a Kindle ebook reader in 2020

A new ebook reader called the Redshelf eReader 2020 is coming to the US and will offer “all the benefits of a traditional ebook reader, but with better color, more contrast, and more space,” Amazon announced in a blog post.

It’s available now, but you’ll have to wait until December to grab it.

Amazon said the RedShelf ereader 2020 will be available for $199.99, which includes access to Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read-on-the-go ebook subscription service, which will make the book reader an “essential” part of your ebook collection.

RedShellf eReading 2020, like the Red shelf and many other Kindle readers, will be “available for purchase starting on December 31.”

Amazon’s description says the new reader “is an all new, high-performance digital ebook reader that delivers an enhanced reading experience for your ebooks.”

The Redshellf’s main selling point is a more vibrant, “glowing, high resolution color display, and a new high resolution audio interface that delivers enhanced audio quality.”

The Amazon description says “this new ereader will give your books an authentic, beautiful look and feel, while delivering the same reading experience as the Red Shelf.”

“RedShelf makes it easy to access and enjoy your books on any device, anywhere, anytime,” said Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

“It’s the perfect device for those who want the best, most vibrant, and most vivid ebooks available on the market today.”

Amazon has been selling RedShels in the US since 2013, and has made them available in other countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

The RedShelp has a color temperature range of 500 to 950 Kelvin (K) and has an ISO rating of 18,400.

The Amazon RedSheL will cost $199 with an Amazon Prime subscription and $299 without, which also includes access for unlimited read access on the Kindle Unlimited service.

It comes with a 10-year warranty.