How to Download and Stream an ebook with Netflix’s “Ebook App”

You know the drill: you get a link, download, and then download an ebook.

With Netflix, it’s an even more complex equation.

The company lets you stream an entire ebook or a collection of books, and the company’s service is available to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Kindle Fire HDX tablets, but not the Fire HD.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a free ebook, here’s how to get it with Netflix.


Tap the “Subscribe” button in the upper right corner of the Netflix app.

The link will show up, click it, and you’ll be taken to the Netflix site where you can see your books.


Select your book and tap “Subscribe.”


Tap “Ebooks.”


Tap your book’s title.


Tap either the title of your book or the title on the title page of your ebook to download it. 6.

You can then use the book to watch an ebook or watch the entire collection of titles on the web.


If your book is an e-book, it’ll load right into the Netflix catalog.


You’ll be able to download an entire collection to your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire Tablet, but you’ll need to install an extension on your device if you want to stream an ebook from a Kindle Fire to a Kindle.

You may also need to sideload your book onto your device to access the service.


Netflix’s ebook service requires a subscription.

You will have to subscribe to Netflix in order to download and watch a free book.


Netflix is currently only available to people in the United States and Canada, though it plans to expand to more countries later this year.

Netflix doesn’t provide an exact timeline for its service’s expansion, but it says it expects to roll it out to more markets in the coming months.