When you want to save on textbooks, but don’t have time to read them, a new ereader for kids is for you

The Indian government is preparing to roll out the world’s largest free ereader with the help of Amazon, with a free version available to students in grades 6-12.

A pilot project of the Free Kindle ereader project is now underway in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, according to the Education Ministry.

The ereader, which was unveiled in Delhi on Monday, is a small device designed to read textbooks online.

The device can be used for studying at home or in classrooms, where students need to be online all the time.

Students can download textbooks to the device for free for two years from the ereader.

The government plans to launch the Free-iBook ereader later this year.

The Free Kindle project aims to provide free reading materials for children of all ages and can be accessed through a Google app.

The ereader also has a special function that allows it to be used by parents or guardians for e-book reading.

The government hopes to sell the Free eBook ereader in all Indian states by the end of 2019, and by 2020, the ministry has set up a joint venture with the Indian Appellate Tribunal to sell it across India.

The ministry has launched the pilot project at the behest of the government of Karnakaranya, Karnataka.

The project was initiated by the Karnataka State Digital Technology Council, an agency of the Karnakara Development Authority, to ensure free access to free e-books.

The free Kindle ereaders will be available for the first time on November 1 in the Karnacharya College in Karnataka and on November 8 in the Kannur College in Kerala.

The devices will be manufactured in the state and the e-readers are being sold by the ministry through a collaboration between Google India and Kaptak Instacart.

The device will also be available in a separate online portal to help students get online and read ebooks.

Students will also get access to a range of resources that help students understand how to access ebooks from across the country.

The aim of the project is to provide e-reading material that will help students learn the language, read the textbooks, and get ready for their final exam, the government said in a statement.

The project aims at improving the literacy of the students of all age groups, with the aim of creating a digital learning platform that will enable students to better prepare for their college examinations and to have an impact on society, the statement said.