MTV is now officially in talks to make a TV show about bikes

MTV has made a deal with a British publishing house to produce a TV series based on the motorcycle genre.

The deal comes as MTV is looking to expand its reach and reach into a wider audience with the introduction of a brand new series of cycling documentaries to be shown on MTV1 and MTV2.MTV1 and 2 are currently airing episodes of The Great British Biking Show, which takes a look at some of the bikes that have come to represent British cycling culture.

MTV1 also announced last month that it had signed a deal to air two episodes of British rider and racer Peter Whittingdale’s new series, Cycle Bikes.

While the series has yet to be filmed, MTV has previously said that it will produce its own documentary series in partnership with Cycle Bikeshare.

The first of these series is slated to air in April 2018.

According to the deal with CycleBike, which was first reported by Motorcycle Magazine, the series will include a motorcycle documentary, interviews with the stars of the genre, and music videos and clips from the series. 

MTV2 is currently airing the series’ first episode, which looks at the British cycling scene and includes interviews with riders such as Chris Boardman, who won the Tour of Britain last year and who will star in the upcoming Cycle Bike. 

CycleBike confirmed that it was in talks with MTV1 to produce its series.

MTV also confirmed that its new cycling documentary, Cycle Bike: The Rise of Bike America, would air on MTV2 on March 2. 

The series will also feature an interview with British rider Dave Brailsford, who has competed in the Tour de France and won the British road race title in the 1980s.

“This is one of the greatest and most diverse cycling scenes in the world and we couldn’t be more excited about getting the chance to show it to fans on MTV and on TV,” said Hannah Horne, MTV’s vice president of content.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Cycle Bike to create a series that celebrates cycling and our community in all its beautiful diversity.

It will be a new adventure for Cycle Bike and our viewers to learn more about our iconic sport, as well as meet some of its most iconic characters.” 

The deal with Cycleshop marks the latest in a long line of deals with the UK’s leading cycling brand.

MTV and its parent company, the British television company Virgin Media, previously produced and aired Bike to the Top, the reality show about cycling in the U.K.

Cycle Shop, which also produced Bike to America, has been on BBC One since 2014.