Which ebooks are best for beginners?

ebooks for beginners (washingtonpost.com) The most popular ebooks from the Washington Post are the ones that are easy to read, easy to download, and the ones you will likely use.

In a recent study, researchers found that most ebooks offered by Amazon and the Post are in the top two categories, “Easy to Read” and “Easy To Download.”

The two top categories are followed by “Easy” and the “Easy Download” category, and a third category, “Kindle-Friendly,” according to a Mashable article.

This list was compiled based on a survey conducted by Mashable readers.

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Which Kindle ebook is best for me?

Read moreAmazon Kindle ebook reader options (Amazon.com, mashable.com): Kindle Paperwhite: $69.99 ($29.99 in the US)Amazon Kindle Paperblack: $199.99($129.99 with a 2-year Amazon Prime subscription)Amazon Fire HDX: $149.99Amazon Fire Phone: $229.99 (1 year of Amazon Prime)Amazon Echo Dot: $99.99.

(1 month of Amazon Fire TV service)Amazon Nook Tablet: $49.99 for a $99 Kindle Paper Black (2nd generation)Amazon Paperwhite 2: $39.99$59.99-149.

99 for Kindle PaperWhite 3: $119.99, Amazon Paper Black: $129.

99, Amazon Nook Color: $79.99