Why is Walmart ebooks so cheap?

When you’re shopping for books, the big question is, “Why is Amazon so cheap?”

Walmart’s e-book store is now offering prices of $5.99 and $9.99, according to a report from Bloomberg.

That’s $3.39 and $4.97, respectively.

That makes for a very good deal compared to Amazon, which sells the same titles for $7.99.

Amazon has the largest number of titles available on its site, with 1.1 million titles to Walmart’s 2.4 million.

That means Amazon has about a third of the total number of e-books available at the top e-commerce retailer.

Walmart has more than 2,400 stores across the U.S., including a handful in its hometowns.

But the company has been under pressure in recent years as Amazon’s market share in e-reading and bookstores has steadily grown.

Last week, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the largest e-retailer, announced a merger, which is expected to create a $13 billion combined business.

Amazon and Walmart’s recent price wars have also caused a drop in book sales in the U .


The price wars also have a ripple effect on booksellers and publishers.

Amazon is offering a discount on the cost of most books in some categories, but some authors and publishers aren’t happy with Amazon’s pricing policies.

Last year, the National Book Foundation found that Amazon’s price policies have led to fewer books being available to readers.